AutoCAD® 2008 scale list bug

William Forty
William Forty

If you're using AutoCAD® 2008, then you may have experienced slow copy/pasting in some drawings. This is one of the symptoms of a problem known as the scale list bug. This is where the annotation scale list has for some reason accumulated a huge number of scales. There is a quick fix however - you can simply purge the scale list by using the SCALELISTEDIT command, but there's another problem. The dialog box will not display if you have excessive scales. Preceeding the command with the minus sign (-SCALELISTEDIT) forces command line entry however, so we can bypass this problem. Select the option to reset, and hopefully this should fix the problem. This issue has a habit of spreading from drawing to drawing, so make sure you fix this is the whole set of drawings you're experiencing problems with.

For a more permenent fix, you could try adding the following line of lisp code to either acaddoc.lsp, or acad2008doc.lsp:

(COMMAND “-scalelistedit” “R” “Y” “E”)

This will simply reset the scale list every time a drawing is opened.

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2011-07-15 12:15:03

I would just like to add that even in Autocad 2011, we still use the scale list cleanup tool from autocad 2010 for cleaning up our drawings. the included auto-fix that came from 2009 and newer versions is still not fool-proof.

2011-07-18 12:33:34

Interesting - thanks for letting us know.

2012-01-08 21:38:30

I am trying to work on a drawing at home that i use at work and it keeps freezing. Maybe because it is so large? or maybe because i do not have the architectural fonts on my home computer that we use at work?

2012-01-09 10:33:06

I'd say the fonts is unlikely - however if its a big drawing that'll probably be it. Chances are the specification of the PC you use at work is vastly superior to your home PC (at least that's the case for me!). Probably just struggling to handle it.

2013-08-08 06:56:44

This finally worked for me after trying so many things. THANKS!

2016-05-19 18:44:09

My PC at work is new and powerful, the Windows 10 is original, The AutoCAD® 2017 is original, but, my mouse is freezing, but the same time the system works with the same mouse, outer AutoCAD® display.

  1. Restart the PC,
  2. Disconnect the Internet cable, and working on the desktop area,
  3. Restart the AutoCAD®,
  4. Changing the mouse,
  5. Turning off the role over menu,
  6. Searching the internet,

Nothing helped me to get rid of this problem. I'll appreciate if you can help me to solve the problem.