AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Survey Fix 2013 & 2014

William Forty
William Forty

Hi folks,

A number of you have asked for an updated version of my Survey Fixing utility for Civil 3D®. So due to popular demand, creating an updated version of this tool has become my top priority. I hope to get this out to you very shortly (tomorrow, if possible).

I'd also like to take this opportunity to announce a new project that I have been working on for over a year (woohoo, it's close enough to being finished that I can mention it!).

It is... ... ... *drum-roll* ...

A new programming language for AutoCAD®!

I've called it CADBASIC. Its primary design goal from the very beginning has been to create a language that is extremely simple to use.

Because it's my own proprietary language for AutoCAD®, I have complete control over the syntax of everything, which means if you want a new command or behaviour in the language, I can add it for you, in whatever crazy wacky syntax you like.

Here's a teaser of the kind of thing I've been aiming for:


A basic example of a syntax that achieves more, with less code. Pretty trivial, but it's only indicative of the type of thing I'm aiming for, and hopefully you're all now intrigued :-)

Release date: TBC...



Viv Howe
2014-04-17 11:22:09

Will Excellent news. Survey Fix has saved me a great deal of time on many occasions. Thanks for a brilliant tool.

Michael Haff
2014-04-17 13:59:13

Looking forward to the release of CadBasic. I would be interested in being a BETA user if you are going that route.

2014-04-18 06:10:18

Great - I'm not 100% sure what route I'll go, it's quite possible that I'll want BETA testers. If I go that route, I'll post a way to sign up on here. :)

Neil Jones
2014-04-17 22:11:49

What updates have you made and will it also run in the 2015 products?

2014-04-18 06:11:40

The update is just that it should now work with newer versions of Autodesk products - I'll make sure I target the latest version.