AutoCAD® Copy Paste Between Drawings Scale

William Forty
William Forty

The other day, I came across a very bizarre problem. All I was doing was copying and pasting between drawings, but the entities were being pasted into the other drawing a different scale!

Having not encountered this before, I assumed it was something to do with units, so I typed the UNITS command. But to my surprise, all was as it should be, which meant something else was causing the problem.

It turns out the fix was in a discrepency between the values accessibly by -DWGUNITS. So if you ever have this problem, that's the fix.

Hope this helps,



john coon
2011-05-12 11:45:23

While working with legacy drawings you can at times encounter similar issues while inserting blocks or xrefing. This can happens when the insunits are dfferent in the current drawing and the drawing being inserted or xrefed .
INSUNITS Specifies a drawing-units value for automatic scaling of blocks, images, or xrefs inserted or attached to a drawing.


Chris Tilley
2012-12-22 03:35:42

Is there any situation you have encountered where this does not fix the issue? I'm having a beast of a time pasting from one drawing to another. the scale is 2x two big on one drawing although everything is scaled identical on each drawing

2013-01-08 12:40:29

Sometimes it is a bit flakey I must admit. Other than using the command above, I'm not sure what else to do. Perhaps save the drawing as a .dxf and re-save back as a .dwg?