AutoCAD® MapExport to SHP creates an empty file

William Forty
William Forty

Some of you may have come across this issue before. When creating an ERSI shape file (*.shp), the resulting file is in fact empty. This is actually a bug in the software, but there is a fix.

The Export dialog box actually has a missing section, which is the cause of this bug. The section that is missing is the part where you select the object type for your shape file (Point, Line, Polygon or Text).


Even if you use the select all option, no objects will be selected because the object type is not set.

To make the object type options re-appear, download this file and copy it to the directory shown below, depending on what operating system you're using.

Download the MapExport File Here

Unzip this file and copy mapexport.ini to:

Windows XP
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\C3D 2010

Windows Vista or Windows 7
\Program Data\Autodesk\C3D 2010

This solutions works for AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2009, AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2010 and AutoCAD® Civil 2010.

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