The Amazing FILLET Zero Command

William Forty
William Forty

So you’re drawing away, and you’ve got two lines that need to come together to form a corner, but at the moment the lines are too short or too long. Instead of extending or trimming them, it can be quite neat to use the FILLET command with a radius of 0.

For those of you that already knew this little tip but dodged it in the past because you have to mess around making sure your fillet radius was 0, you’re in luck because you don’t actually have to explicitly set the fillet radius to 0 at all. In a similar fashion to the TRIM and EXTEND commands, you can hold down the SHIFT key to modify the behaviour of this command. As you guessed, holding down the SHIFT key during the FILLET or CHAMFER commands will force a 0 radius or chamfer.

One final note, if you’re doing this with just lines, you’ll be left with what you started with – lines. However, if either one or both of the entities are in fact polylines, they will be joined to form a single polyline. If you planned to join them afterwards this can be useful to know.


Mark Pettitt
2011-12-13 11:02:15

In addition to this, if you have two lines (not Polylines) that are exactly parallel to each other, applying the fillet command regardless of radius that is set, will put a perfect radius over the top (or bottom) to join the two ends of lines together.

David Shultz
2011-12-20 13:31:14

Love your tip Mark I will definitely use that one.

Randy Rickman
2011-12-20 14:17:05

I have been reading your Website and am now receiving your Tips 'n Tricks emails. Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy day to show us old dogs new tricks and reminding us of all the functionality available to us ~ you're a Good Man :)

Denis Knight
2011-12-29 19:06:18

I started of looking at your web site to gather infomation I could use in a presentation I am having to give on the 4th January 2012. I am glad to say I am pasting in most of your tips and comments to fill up my 1 hour session. So thanks very much for your hard work in creating and maintaining your site.

Denis Knight