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William Forty
William Forty

This probably sounds like I'm going to start talking about the latest joke book, but that's not what I mean by Funny Text...... I'm talking about subscript, superscript and special characters.

The two ways I usually use are - Alt Codes and using the stack options in the MText editor.

Alt Codes

  1. Go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map
  2. Have a look around for the symbol you want, and select it.
  3. In the bottom right you'll see something like Alt+0178.
  4. Go back to where you want to insert the symbol and hold down the Alt key and type 0178. This will insert the special character.



  1. If you want to have superscript, write what you want to appear as superscript followed by the ^ character, then followed by as many spaces as the number of characters you want to be superscript. In the example below I only want one character to be superscript (²), so I have included a single space after the ^ character.
  2. Select the text, including the trailing spaces (as below), and click the stack button circled in red.


For subscript, the text and spaces should be the other way around - so in this example, to create a subscript 2, you would use the text " ^2". You can also have a combination of both subscript and superscript, but using text instead of spaces on the opposite site. You can exchange the ^ character for the / character, and this will include a line between the subscript and superscript to signify a fraction.

I hope this helps!



Imran Hafeez
2011-06-09 07:43:14

Thanks a lot

William Pinson
2016-09-01 15:37:03

Sir, you are a life saver! (Or at least a time and work saver, for sure!)

Many thanks for the tip.

William Pinson Sr. EE NOV Cedar Park