The LAYMCUR Command

William Forty
William Forty

Just a quick tip for today - the LAYMCUR command. Sometimes you'll be working away and want to change to the layer of "that object" - you might not know (or care) what layer it's on, but you just want to start working on that layer... If that's the case, then this command is for you!

Simply invoke LAYMCUR either from the command line or from the ribbon under Home tab > Layers panel > Make Object's Layer Current. Then just pick the entity you want to use as the current layer.

Then, continue with your masterpiece... :-)


P.S. I'm on the cusp of releasing to you a tool I've been working on - I'm quite pleased with it, and it'll be ready in a few days!


2012-09-01 04:16:52

wow its very useful for me... now a days am using this frequently ... n also ur website is amazing...

n am cad designer (Fresher)