The PICKSTYLE System Variable

William Forty
William Forty

Very quick tip to supplement the last post I wrote on Groups, which comes to us thanks to one of my subscribers named Santiago.

I mentioned that the behaviour when selecting a group is controllable using the groups dialog box by modifying the checkbox marked "selectable". Well this corresponds to the system variable PICKSTYLE, so if you're more of a keyboard user than a dialog box user, you can use that instead.

Knowing this system variable is also handy if you want to change the way groups work in LISP for example. Using something like:

(setvar "PICKSTYLE" 0) or (setvar "PICKSTYLE" 1)

will toggle group selection mode, so that you can use groups in your LISP routine how you want.

That's all for today. Thanks again to Santiago, and I'll post again soon.



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