William Forty
William Forty

I was setting up a dynamic block yesterday, and I wanted to specify a default position for all the movable parts, but I also wanted to have the option to reset the block to the default position after I'd moved stuff around. I started thinking along the lines of using visibility states in my block, but it wasn't really what I wanted - ideally I'd like a command that resets a dynamic block to its original unmodified position.

So imagine my happiness to discover the RESETBLOCK command! It does exactly what you would expect - resets a dynamic block to its original state. Perfect, and worthy of sharing.

Hope this helps someone.

And by the way - if you haven't already, have a proper play with dynamic blocks. They can be extremely useful, and pretty darn cool too!


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Mark Pettitt
2011-10-13 10:02:29

I find this command very useful when annotative scaling 'functionality' isn't behaving itself.

2011-10-13 10:25:41

Cheers Mark - I'll remember that!