The REVERSE Command

William Forty
William Forty

Hi all, just a quick tip for today.

Probably my favourite entity in AutoCAD® is the polyline. However, there have been a few things in the past that I've found somewhat annoying, one of which is controlling the direction of polylines.

Normally the direction of polylines makes little difference, but for some purposes it can be important. For example, line-type text is oriented in line with the direction of the line segment, so if the polyline flows from right to left, as opposed to from left to right, the text will appear upside-down.

Reversing the vertices in a polyline has historically been quite cumbersome to achieve, but as of AutoCAD® 2010, there is now a REVERSE command. Simply enter the REVERSE command by either typing it, or selecting it from the Home ribbon, and select the polyline you want to reverse. This command can also be used on a few other entities, namely LINE, SPLINE and HELIX entities.

I hope you found this tip helpful, and I'll have some more tips for you soon. :-)


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