The SOLID Command

William Forty
William Forty

Hatching is one of the easiest, least irritating, and straightforward commands in AutoCAD®.


But there are quite a few other commands that can help with the little things - for example, it can be quite frustrating when all you want to do is create a small, simple solid hatch, but you still have to jump through all the hoops of clearly defining a boundary or messing with picking points, which as I'm sure you all know can sometimes be very frustrating! In this case I generally use the SOLID command.

Using the solid command you have to pick either three or four points, and a solid hatch will be created immediately. This is great for quickly hatching simple shapes, and is extremely reliable and fast.

The order of your clicks can be important though, but once you get the hang of picking points in a sort of Z shape as opposed to going around in a circle, it will become second nature.

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2013-08-21 14:21:17

I use AutocadLT 13 & 14, I have points ( exported from ArcMap), I need to convert ALL points to a Block that I will make or to existing block. Is there a way? . Do I need to have Full AutoCAD®? If so, what command do I use then? Thank you so much