Export To AutoCAD®

William Forty
William Forty

Hi everyone,

Quick tip for all of you using AutoCAD® verticals such as Civil 3D®. You'll no doubt have noticed that if you open drawings created in an AutoCAD® vertical will have it's native objects displayed as OLE objects in vanilla AutoCAD®. It can sometimes be difficult when you only have access to vanilla AutoCAD® to make use of drawings with OLE objects, but there is a convenient command specifically set up to export your drawing from the vertical using only entities available in vanilla AutoCAD®.

The command is -EXPORTTOAUTOCAD. Make special note of the dash preceding the command, which is required. If you find it more memorable you can also use the AECTOACAD command, which is just an alias for invoking the same thing.

Of course, any drawing that has been exported via this means will not contain the functionality you'd get from the AutoCAD® vertical, but it makes the entities much more useful in AutoCAD®.

That's all for today, more tips to come.



2013-02-20 17:20:57

Great command, it also works for Architectural desktop users having to convert and flatten files for the 2-D users. Thanks for sharing!