Image Frames and Borders

William Forty
William Forty

So you've attached your image most likely using one of the following methods:

  1. The IMAGEATTACH command
  2. Insert>Raster Image Reference
  3. Attach Image on the Xref dialog box
  4. Drag/Drop an image file from windows explorer

But now, with your image in your drawing, you're getting a horrible border or frame around your image. Chances are a lot of you will have come across this already but for anyone that hasn't it is fixable using the IMAGEFRAME system variable. With this set to 0, you will have no border whatsoever. Great, but with this option you can't select the image! Setting IMAGEFRAME to 1 makes frames visible again, and you can therefore select them again. But you don't really want to keep switching between the two all the time when working. Setting IMAGEFRAME to 2 solves the problem - the image border or frame is visible in AutoCAD®, but is hidden when printed.




David Miller
2012-01-17 18:11:19

Will, We are currently using 2009LT. We have been inserting jpg images and turning off the image frames. We then publish the drawings in DWF format. No image frames are visible. Per our procedures for electronic EOs and drawing storage, we then print the DWF to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Standard, version 6.0 - most, but not all, the image frames reappear.

Any ideas?

2012-01-30 10:05:53

Not sure to be honest - only thing I can suggest is using another third party PDF writer.