The LAYDEL Command

William Forty
William Forty

Firstly, many thanks to Mark Pettitt and John Coon for their first posts on A great start to something very positive and beneficial for all.

Secondly, I have a quick-tip for today. I literally used it under 5 minutes ago and it was so useful that I just had to write a post on it immediately.

The LAYDEL command. Using this command you can literally scoop spoonfuls of additional productivity into your work (see what I did there?? hehe).

This command identifies and deletes all entities on a layer, and removes the layer. On it's own this might not seem very special, but read on... Consider you're working with LOADS of data... normally you'd perhaps isolate the layer, select all the entities, and delete right? Well, as discussed previously in my guide to what causes AutoCAD® to freeze or crash, this is one of them. Selecting a large number of entities invites AutoCAD® to start "preparing" things, and it is a great way to crash AutoCAD®.

Because LAYDEL is a built in AutoCAD® command, it is much MUCH faster than any way of doing the same thing. It's lightning fast - and that makes me love it ! :D

That's all for now,


P.S. I'm going to have to do a top 10 coolest-named AutoCAD® commands... send me your nominations if you like!


Neil jones
2012-01-05 10:45:28

I think you have been subjected to too many Christmas cracker jokes to come up with such a terrible pun LOL smiley face...!!!!

Randy Rickman
2012-01-05 15:23:41

What a great tool to be able to use ~ unfortunately not an option on previous Releases like 2004. Thanks for sharing