The RENAME Command

William Forty
William Forty

Here is quite a useful command to bear in mind for the future - the RENAME command. Not only is the most basic functionality useful, but there are also some advanced usages that can be even more helpful.

Basically, the RENAME command allows you to rename blocks, layers, styles and various other things in an AutoCAD® drawing. Whereas before you may have exploded a block and re-blocked it, this way makes life much easier, allowing you to give a new name to existing objects.

For layers, you may question how useful this really is, but here's one of the best things about this command. You can rename many things at the same time. Using the * wildcard, you can match any text in your named objects, and replace with something else. This is really useful if you have an unwanted prefix or suffix for example in all your layers. You can simply specify the old name of "prefix_*" and new name of "*", and this will strip the suffix from the objects.

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2013-07-30 15:29:09

How do I rename a group of layers / blocks that are from a bound xref. They all have the xref prefix which I'd like to remove but I cannot seem to figure out how to remove it from all of them at one time while keeping the original layer names unique. Can you help? The ACA help is of NO help.