The CHSPACE Command

William Forty
William Forty

It can be quite annoying when you've drawn something in paperspace, but in needs to be located in modelspace. Thankfully there is a quick fix for this. The CHSPACE command will move objects through a viewport, scaling the entities suitably to retain their appearance as viewed in paperspace.

Here's a simple step-by step guide:

  1. From paperspace, select the objects that you want to move through a viewport.
  2. Type the CHSPACE command, or select it from the modify menu.
  3. Next, the command needs to know which viewport you want to "push" the  objects through. This will determine how the objects are scaled and their final positions in modelspace. Bear in mind that if there is only one viewport in the active paperspace layout, this will be a automatically selected, and this step will be skipped.

The reverse of this procedure also works, allowing you to pull objects from modelspace to paperspace.

There are a few other occasions where the use of CHSPACE can be quite handy. If you're ever working on a drawing with a poorly managed and very messy modelspace, it can sometimes be difficult to know what your viewport is looking at in modelspace. A quick an easy way to identify where the viewport is looking is to draw two xlines with a random direction that intersect on the viewport. CHSPACE to move them to modelspace, and then all you have to do is zoom to the intersection of the two xlines to fine where the viewport is looking.

Another use for this command is for pushing notes or dims through the viewport, if the notes or dims are in the wrong space. There is also the odd occasion where you want to move dims or notes onto a viewport looking at the same thing in another layout, or onto another viewport in the same layout showing the detail at a different scale. This can be achieved with a two stage CHSPACE. First push the objects through to the model, then you can pull them back out of whatever viewport is desired.

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